Artist Statement

To see the world in a grain of sand,
and to see heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hands,
and eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Having lived in both rural and city settings has brought the natural and urban worlds together in my work. The natural world stirs a nostalgic affection and strong sense of identity; at the same time, the excitement of an urban environment and advancing technology prove to be equally intoxicating. With a minimalist approach to form and a conceptual approach to process, I am lured to re-define the shape of my environment: to explore our shifting relationships with nature, the voice of the elements, the topography of technology and the mapping of time, space and memory.

I am interested in boundaries, where they collide, where they overlap, and where they continuously link forming threads throughout, both conceptually and visually with a specific focus on the gap between the visible and the invisible. I address boundaries of nature, technology, science, mythology, personal identity and universal connections. I am fascinated by the sometimes conflicting and magical realms between the physical and the imaginary, the sensual and virtual existence.

With our increasing global climate crisis, I am compelled to incorporate and focus on environmental issues; finding ways to translate data into personal understanding and create artwork that moves the viewer in poetic ways. Often focusing on installations, my interest in light lies in the fluidity of the medium, being both tangible and intangible. The performative nature of light encourages the presence of the viewer to change their movement and reflection, making evident the existence of its occupation in space.

I seek to re-direct attention to the smaller things in life, exposing the sacred within the mundane and the monumental within the minute. I hope to unveil inherent connections to our surroundings and with that, re-establish intrinsic relationships as thoughts and memories, experiences and environments, continuously appear and reappear in overlapping fragments.

PDF: Wischer Artist Statement 2016